Fully Engineered

We listen. Logan Farm Equipment is fully engineered to fulfill the needs of potato farmers around the world.

Field Tested

Logan Farm Equipment has been field tested with farmers throughout the US to far reaching countries around the world.

Built to Last

Functional design coupled with quality builds ensure your Logan Equipment is built to last.

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Colorado Idaho Michigan North Dakota Washington Wisconsin
Australia Canada China New Zealand Russia Ukrain & Caucasus Region

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Even though our truck beds remain the number one truck bed in North America, we continue to improve them through engineering and design. We're now offering stainless-steel truck beds which hold up in even the harshest environments.

Scott Homstad General Manager @ Tri Steel Manufacturing


Tristeel is a parts distributor and full service manufacturer specializing in potato equipment, wind energy, power generation, grain handling, and general contract manufacturing.


Spudequipment.com works with farmers across North America to buy and sell used potato equipment and all other types of farm equipment, working hand in hand with Tri Steel Manufacturing and Logan Farm Equipment to provide a marketplace for farmers to sell used equipment after upgrading to new machinery.