Collect Pro Cart Unloading

Designed to unload trucks into storage with the option of grading. Available in 36" - 60" widths by 20' to 30' long. Main frame options would include a telescopic conveyor and 1 or 2 stingers.
Collect Pro Cart - Video 1
48" Wide x 25' Long
Straight cushion coated belted chain
Teflon Slide Under Belted Chain to 18" Wide Dirt Cross Conveyor
7.5 Electric Motor with Inline Gearbox
3 Phase 230v or 480v Power with Stinger & Truck Power
Single or Double Stinger Mount
Lice Hydraulics with Wheel Drive
LED Lights
Tow Hitch
Triple Stinger Hanger (Octopus Style)
60" Wide Dirt Belt Under 48" Wide Belted Chain
Picking Platform
Hang-On Dirt Elevator
Star Table Hopper
Multiple Configurations of Dirt Conveyors
Hydraulic Wheel Drive, Steer, Lift
LCP36 36" Main Conveyor
LCP42 42" Main Conveyor
LCP48 48" Main Conveyor
LCP60 60" Main Conveyor