Scoop Pro Scooper

Logan has been listening to its customers once again and has recently introduced a new Scooper that has received excellent reviews. A number of features have set it apart from the competition making it one of the nicest machines in the market.
Scoop Pro - Video 1
Scoop Pro - Video 2
Disengage wheel drive with the push of a button on the wheel hubs.
Tractor is made of heavy plate and the conveyor of tubular frame. We didn't spare the iron on this one.
Increased torque at ground with hydraulic drive, push button in/out.
Independent axle and fender raise lower.
Width Options 30" or 36"
Color Options: Yellow, White, Red
Nose Belt or Chain Options: Flat belt 1/2" cleated belt, mini cleat lock, rough top belt or 36mm chain
Tow hitch attachment for 30" and 36"
Power Options:230V 1 PH- Required Amp 64.2
208/230V 3 PH- Required Amps 34.2
480V 3 PH- Required Amps 17.1
optional VFD Soft Start Wheel Drives
Optional trailers available- 2 models to choose from
Hydraulic nose adjustment